Tuesday, November 02, 2004

England Trip Notes - 10/10/2004

Day 2. I awoke about 8:00. As I write this, it is 10:30, and Beth is still sleeping.

She did eventually get up, and we had a beautiful and stress-free day in Oakham. The light Sunday traffic and the simple layout of the city made driving easy, so we drove into town, parked, and spent a couple of hours just walking the streets of Oakham. We enjoyed a "Sunday lunch" at the Rutland Coffee Shop, one of the few establishments that was open on Sunday. Interestingly, not much happens in England, apparently, on Sunday. Our Sunday lunch consisted of roast beef and gravy, roast
potatoes which were so hot I seared my palette on them, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, and Yorkshire pudding. Quite delicious.

After lunch we toured the Oakham castle, which was built in 1180, and then toured the Oakham CO-OP supermarket, which was somewhat newer. We bought groceries and headed back to the resort. After a quiet couple of hours resting at home, we returned to Oakham for the evening services of the Oakham Baptist Church. There were only about 17 in attendance, but it was a very moving and spiritual service. The speaker did not show up, but the group carried on with testimonies and singing, and Beth and I both agreed it was a wonderful service and a great experience.

Of course, the day was not all rosy. I did go the wrong way on a roundabout in Oakham, nearly killing Beth, myself, and several Brits. But other than this minor mishap, it was an idealic day.

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