Saturday, November 06, 2004

England Trip Notes - 10/22/2004

Our last day here began with one central goal - find a dentist. After a sleepless night where I consumed Tylenol every two hours, and bathed my tooth in Chloroseptic even more often, I realized that I needed to do something before trying to drive to Gatwick tomorrow for the return flight. About 3:00 AM, I scanned the yellow pages for dentists (dental surgeons, as they are called here), and found several in Oakham. When morning finally rolled around, I called the front desk and asked for a recommended dentist, which they provided -Dentith and Dentith on South Street in Oakham. Alas, they would not help me, however, telling me that I needed to go to Leicester to the NHS service. I tried two other dentists in Oakham with the same result, but the fourth and last one I called, West Road Dental Practice, proved a success. At least they were willing to see me, giving me a 12:15 appointment.

The dental office appeared just as they do in the states, so my first emotion was relief. However, I received no satisfaction from the visit. An xray was taken, but it was taken incorrectly, so that the crucial part of the tooth did not show. If I had an abcessed tooth, there was no way to know it for that portion of the tooth was not on the image! However, the dentist decided that there was nothing he could do for me except to recommend Tylenol and Ibuprofen every four hours (alternating, so that I was actually taking one of them every two hours). He would not prescribe antibiotics because he could not see an abcess on the xray (which was easily explained by the fact that he had screwed up the xray!), so I paid him and left. He did manage to terrify me, though, by telling me that abcesses don't like airplanes (I thought he didn't see an abcess?), and that the pain level could get quite intense at high altitude. I'm not looking forward to the plane ride home.

We left the dentist and drove to the chemist (pharmacy) to get some more advil and tylenol. We then went home to pack and get ready for our trip home.

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