Saturday, November 06, 2004

England Trip Notes - 10/20/2004

Cambridge, Sandringham, and miserable rain. That pretty much sums up the day.

We left early, and headed south on the A1 with our destination Cambridge. The drive was quite pleasant, even though we got into heavy traffic during the morning rush hour. We stopped for breakfast at a Little Chef restaurant along the highway, and the food was surprisingly good. These Little Chefs appear all along the highways, somewhat like the ubiquitous Howard Johnson restaurants in the United States. My expectations were low, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Unfortunately, it rained all day long, and was so dark and cloudy that it seemed like the sun was down all day. In Cambridge, we visited 1 Trinity, the site of the oldest bookstore in England - Cambridge University Press Bookstore. I found a very nice leather bound Cambridge Bible, and bought it as my main souvenier of the trip. It cost 85 pounds, or roughly $150.00. We also visited the King's College Chapel, which is a stunning example of architecture, containing the most exquisite vaulted ceiling I've ever seen.

Leaving Cambridge, we drove east toward Sandringham, which is the queen's summer estate. Sitting on 20000 acres, this is a truly beautiful home. It does not look like a castle, but more like a monstrous house, but it is beautiful. Unfortunately, the ever present rain and wind made it too unpleasant to walk through the gardens, which sounded wonderful.

A toothacre is threatening to ruin my trip, and it became quite severe during the drive today. Leaving Sandringham, we drove back to Oakham for dinner at the Admiral Hornblowers Restaurant, and I simply could not enjoy the meal for the pain. At one point, the pain became so severe that I broke out in a torrential sweat and began eyeing the dessert spoons as possible suicide solutions.

After supper, we returned to the lodge where I consumed unhealthy amounts of pain killers, and doused the evil tooth in Chloroseptic. Finally, the pain subsided to a dull throb. Just in time, too, as I think I was burning a softball sized hole in my stomach lining with all the medication, not to mention the impending liver failure from so much Tylenol!

Tomorrow, assuming I live through the night, we plan on a long drive day, taking in Stonehenge and Windsor Castle.

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