Saturday, November 06, 2004

England Trip Notes - 10/14/2004

We awoke to the sound of rain pelting the roof of our A-framed condo. That, coupled with the fact we slept until 10:00, made for a lazy morning hanging around the condo.

Today was planned to be a slow day, anyway, making up for all the driving yesterday. We did not do much. After a lazy breakfast, we drove into Oakham. While there, we used the computers in the Rutland Library to send an email to the kids. We walked down to the tourist information center and talked with them about options for touring London.

Leaving Oakham, we drove to Stamford and toured Burghley House, which was an exquisitely beautiful and awe-inspiring home. The past and current home of the Marquis of Exeter and his family, it is currently occupied by the youngest daughter of the 8th Marquis. Her name is Lady Victoria Leatham, and her husband is Mr. Simon Leatham. We met Simon walking through the home. The family lives on the first floor, which we could not enter. The rest of the house is simply magnificent and one of the most majestic homes I've ever seen. We both agreed that this was the most beautiful building we've seen so far on the trip.

We drove into Stamford so Beth could enjoy cream tea, but we were too late. Everything seems to close at 5:00 here, so we couldn't find anyplace that was open. We did visit a Christian bookstore where Beth bought a hymn book, and a music store.

We returned to the condo relaxed from an easy day, and remarked how nice it was to spend an entire day without smashing the car in any way! Beth started to prepare dinner. She had purchased some chicken a few days ago at the supermarket, but her nose determined that it was spoiled so she refused to cook it. We made reservations at the Brasserie Restaurant here at the resort, and had a wonderful meal. Beth chose the salmon, which looked wonderful, and I chose the chicken meat pie, which was excellent.

Tomorrow we drive north to visit the Yorkshire Dales. The weather reports are calling for rain, so we are praying that changes.

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