Saturday, November 06, 2004

England Trip Notes - 10/16/2004

For two reasons - because we had driven a rather long distance yesterday, and because we had to check out of our A-frame cottage this morning and check back into our new room in the Stable Mews this afternoon, we chose to stay close to home today.

After checking out, we drove into Oakham and parked the car in the Long Stay car park. From there we visited the library and sent a few emails. Since it was Farmer's Market day in Oakham, there were stalls set up everywhere with a variety of wares. Most were produce and various foods, but there were a few other items as well. We wandered through and bought a few small things. We also visited the train station and booked our trip to London for Monday morning. We will take a train from Oakham to Petersborough, and from there take the fast train to London.

We enjoyed lunch at the Admiral Hornblower, where Beth had Steak and Ale pie, and I had a traditional sausage mash. Both were delicious. We wandered and shopped some more, and then eventually worked our way back to the Acorn Coffee House for tea and scones. By the time we finished that, it was time to check in.

Our new room is positively tiny in comparison to the A-frame we had last week, but it is cozy and well appointed. The kitchen is too small, with only enough space for one person to stand in, and there is no dishwasher. Other than that, we like the accomodations. It is much cozier than the other room, and Beth seems a little more at ease here.

Once settled into the new room, we made a run to the CO-OP for groceries, and then enjoyed an evening of dry English television and pizza.

Tomorrow, we plan to attend church at Oakham Baptist, and then play it by ear from there.

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